Machinery maintenance 

We have a bit of machinery on Highwater.  One of my favourites is the old  Ferguson tractor.  This little grey fergie is the original tractor from the old farm on Lamb Island and it’s passed through a few local hands prior to ending up here.  She’s around 50 years old and while it’s probably had a relatively easy life, maintenance hasn’t been regular. 

The old girl is well overdue for a major overhaul but today I’ve only got time for some basic maintenance which is limited to an oil and filter change and replacement of some air hoses.

After a degrease and water blast, she looks pretty clean (for a 50 year old tractor that is).


The air cleaner inlet hoses are broken and need replacing.

Even the manifold gasket is buggered.

I took off all the old air hoses and replaced them with new ones.

Here is the new one fitted compared with the old one.  The old one was not only the wrong size but didn’t have the correct degree angle bend so it would end up collapsing on itself.

New tapered carburettor inlet hose fitted.

Now onto the oil.  Drained the old oil which looked like it was probably as old as the tractor.

The oil filter plate had an old paper gasket stuck to it which was disintegrating. 

I took the filter housing into the workshop to scrape off the old gasket and crud that had stuck to the base.  If the surface isn’t clean and even the new filter won’t sit flush and that will let crud into the engine.

Finally I put it all back together and she ran like a new one.  

The old oil went into a sealed container to take to the recycling station on the mainland and the remaining rubbish gets a degrease and goes to the tip.

I eventually want to restore the tractor to its original condition as it has some nostalgia associated with it being one of the longest residents of the island.  All in good time.

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