Weed day

I haven’t had a lot of time to spend gardening these past few weeks and despite having a heavy layer of mulch in the main bed, the weeds are starting to go crazy.  The amazing soil and climate here on the island is a catch 22. While food grows quicker than normal, so do the weeds.
So I spent some time pulling weeds and generally giving the garden bed a tidy up.
The sweet basil had gone to wood so it was time for a transplant. 


As much as I love the nasturtiums they are taking over the garden bed.  I’ve planted some cuttings elsewhere on the property and they are taking off.  So I gave these lot a good cut back.  Under all of the leaves and flowers are hundreds of seeds.  

I gathered as many as I could and put them aside for planting at another time.

Now that the nasturtiums were cleared back, I planted a row of carrots and celery.  In a few weeks they should be looking good.


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  1. westsailor says:

    G’day Ken, thanks so much for the feedback and link to the article. I love the keyhole garden idea and I’ll be looking into Deb’s other articles. Now, regarding that cat boat. Funny that you should bring it up. I’m currently looking at a small 20′ gaff rigged boat here in Australia, which I think will tick all the boxes. If I end up with it, I’ll put plenty of photos on http://www.westsailor.com
    And don’t forget, if your health improves and you are up to taking a trip to Australia, you have a guest cottage and garden full of food at your disposal.


  2. Ken and Debra says:

    I am enjoying your new site. We have a local that teaches keyhole gardens. Composting center feeds the bed. Uses brown and green material to compost soil (if needed, sounds like you don’t), but great to recycle waste instead of burning or hauling away.



    You still need a catboat! Enough room to overnight, shallow enough to go anywhere.



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