A little chilli


I’m learning as I go that I will need to be more organised with my planting.  I buried some food scraps a while back and a bunch of plants popped up.  I transplanted a few around the garden with no idea what they were.  

I actually thought this was a capsicum for a while, but it turns out it’s a chilli. I have no idea which variety, but I’ll figure out when I eat it.  The lesson in this for me is that I should be more selective about the scraps I bury and have some system in place to identify the plants when they begin to pop up.  I suppose the proper way would be to collect, sort and intentionally plant the seeds, but it’s also kind of fun to have a mystery garden.  I might create a separate section just for this purpose.

Since I was cooking lunch, I figured it was a good opportunity to try the chilli.

Turned out to be pretty mild.  I think they need some more time.  

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