Guest Cottage


I spent most of this weekend working on the guest cottage.  Most of the bigger jobs are done and now it’s little things like lighting, fans and detailing that’s left to do.

There is only one ceiling fan in the cottage and its use by date is well passed.  You can see the bodgy wiring in the photo below.  It’s not so much bodgy, just unsightly.  I will router some grooves in the fascia timbers and run some concealed lighting and fans throughout.

Eventually the guest cottage will be completely off grid and much of the lighting will be 24v L.E.D.  I’ve ripped out the old electric stove and oven and will replace it with a full LPG gas range.  My solar and battery system isn’t going to handle a 1500w element for cooking and I prefer gas anyways.

I’m happy with the way it’s coming together, but there are lots of things I’d like to do but won’t due to the cost and the fact it’s not going to get much use anyway.  I still have my own cottage to renovate.

I intend to get some plantation shutters made for the bay windows since I’m not a fan of the dark brown aluminium frames and some nice shutters will make a big change to the windows.  There are 4 big bay windows that will need shutters made.  I’m just not certain whether to get white or natural varnished cedar?


Something like this photo below would be nice.

  I spent a few hours today washing the ceiling.  I was going to sand and varnish it but it’s not as bad as I thought.  It just needs a good scrub.  It has been the home of nesting insects and some mud wasps which have all left traces of their presence.


 It’s a tedious job standing on a ladder wiping each of the grooves.  
I made a start on the exterior a while ago but didn’t finish it.  I need to finish stripping the old cedar back and apply some protective oil. I’m also considering colour choices for the trims.  I’ll try to find some examples on the Internet.  I just wish I had more time.


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