Neglectful gardening


I’ve left one section of High-Water  pretty much untouched.  It’s a block of land that I haven’t yet decided what to do with.  I currently use it for dumping some garden refuse and open compost piles.  It has a great view and looks over the moorings and park.  I was thinking that it would be a good space to grow some ground cover plants like pumpkin and melons.  It gets quite a bit of shade, so I’m not sure how they will go.  

So a couple of weeks ago I dug a little hole and buried some pumpkin seeds I’d scooped out while preparing my dinner the night before.    
I had a look today and sure enough they had sprouted. Next weekend I’ll transplant a few to give them some spacing.  I’ll also plant some melons in the coming weeks. Hopefully it will keep the grass down by providing a ground cover and also produce some food.

When I pulled out the nasturtiums from the main garden a couple of weeks ago, I dumped them by this post.  There was some loose soil left over from the fence post I’d put in the previous week and I threw a bit of it over the discarded nasturtiums.  Sure enough, they have taken hold and appear to be doing well and didn’t think anymore about it.  It seems that everything grows in this magical island soil.


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