Crop choices

I’m currently giving consideration as to which crops to plant at high-water.  It’s tempting to plant trees that produce fruit that is expensive to buy.   On the one hand I think, why bother growing produce that is dirt cheap and readily available, but on the other hand, it’s always good to know where food is coming from and how it was grown, no matter what the price. 

Figs trees are definitely going in no matter what.  It’s interesting to see the price of these at the local fruit shop today. Perhaps I’d better plant several fig trees.   

When compared with other higher producing fruit trees, the difference in price is astonishing. I love pears and they preserve really well. 

And lastly, the humble banana is exceptionally good value.  Why would you buy a chocolate bar or some artificial snack when nature supplies a ready wrapped golden yellow bar of goodness. 

Admittedly the peel adds some weight, but the difference of $57 per kilo makes the figs a fine delicacy.   

I’m planning a trip to a fantastic tree nursery soon to buy some established trees.   There will be a few exotic fruits among them. 

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  1. westsailor says:

    It’s a crazy price. Sounds like you have a productive garden. When I get my fig trees in I’ll be coming to you for tips. Maybe a fig jam recipe as well.


  2. Ken says:

    Figs at $60 a kilo? Yikes! We have to give them away! They are wonderful preserves and easy to use. We are also covered up in peaches. We canned 36 quarts, made peach preserves and froze a LOT. The deep freezer is full (well after adding 1/2 of a calf- 250lbs from our local grass fed beef producer.


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