Summer prep


It’s been another productive day at High-Water.  As summer approaches I wanted to get some plants in the ground.  I have a few guests visiting  over Christmas so the gardens will need to be a bit more productive. High yielding plants like pumpkin and melons are always good and the empty lot which I haven’t had any plans for seemed like an ideal location.

The little post hole digger below is really handy.  It’s a Fiskars brand and is quite well made.  I like that the blades are removable for sharpening.

So I set out a few spots and went to work preparing to plant.
It will be interesting to see how they go, as the block doesn’t get full sun all day.  I think it will be sufficient though.  I popped the seedlings in, added a bit of fertiliser and some sugar can mulch over the ground.

Being on a tiny island has its advantages.  Even the plants get a water view.

Meanwhile, back in the main garden the tomatoes are still going crazy.


I harvested over 100 tomatoes from this single plant last weekend and today at least another 100. I filled 2 of these large stainless steel bowls.

 Down near the workshop there is another garden bed.  I haven’t spent much time nurturing this one but it still seems to thrive.    
This bed has two different varieties of tomato. One yellow (which are delicious) and a pretty standard red cherry variety.   
Cutty recently had surgery due to a cruciat ligament tear.  You can see her hind shaved leg in the photo below.   She was enjoying the sun while watching me work in the garden.  What’s that about “a dog’s life”. 
Later in the afternoon I did a bit of weeding and mowing on the outside of the property.  As I was mowing I saw what looked like a stick wedged in the fence.  Upon closer inspection it was a little green tree snake using the fence as a sun baking rack.

These guys are totally harmless and good to have around as they control pests.  They are extremely shy though so it was difficult to get a good photo.

As soon as I took a photo he disappeared into the hedges.


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