I headed back to High-Water for the weekend determined to have a productive weekend.  I have a list a mile long of jobs which need to be done.

One of my last stops before catching the barge across is a the big hardware supermarket, Bunnings.  Now I’m not a fan of Bunnings and I’d prefer to spend my money with an independent operator, but I like to do a quick walk around to see what they have discounted.  Bunnings generally run stock out each month and reduce it until it’s sold.  The markup that they have on items is horrendous.

Today I picked up some LED globes for the guest cottage.  Not a bad price at less than half.

I spotted these cute terracotta plant markers.  I didn’t buy any but note the huge markdown from $3.18 to .20 cents.  That’s a phenomenal profit margin and they would still be making money at 20 cents.  I’m not a fan, but sometimes I’m forced to buy from here.  
So back on the island and after being away for 4 days I was shocked to see how well the garden was doing.  In four days, these zucchini had more than doubled in size.  The soil and the micro climate here is incredible.  Everything just grows beautifully.

You can see below how big these zucchini are when compared to the tomato.

I had one of these zucchini roasted for dinner.

The island has a healthy population of curlews.  These beautiful shy birds have chicks around August each year.  The curlews’ defence mechanism is camouflage.  They simply freeze and drop to the ground.  If there is an imminent threat, the adults will mobilise in an attempt to distract the predator while the chicks remain frozen.  There are 5 birds in the photo below. How many can you see?


Ok, I was kidding about the 5th bird.

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