Spring bloom

I love this time of year when everything is beginning to come to life.   In another month the garden will be in full production mode. 

The choko I planted a little while ago has taken root and it is beginning to produce fruit.  

It’s going to be yet another bumper year for mangos.  The little mangos are already visible on the trees.

Everything that can flower is flowering and the bugs are making the most of it. 


I wanted to plant an avocado, fig and custard apple tree today and needed to give some thought to suitable positions. 

Since mangoes don’t tolerate wet roots, I planted it on the high side of the orchard area.  Despite having great soil, I wanted to ensure it got a good start so I mixed some chicken manure and potting mix with the island soil. 
After it was in the ground, I gave it a light water and lots of mulch. 


 The fig went on the Eastern side of the plot and also got the good soil treatment.  I plan to run a couple of other variety of figs along this edge next week.   
The black plastic I put down last week has done the job. You can see from the above photo that the grass and weeds have completely died back.  A better option than chemicals. 


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