Waste not, want not…

I see so much waste when working in the city. It’s astonishing, and slightly disturbing, that as a society we have come to accept the level of waste as acceptable and normal. Food containers contribute to a massive amount of landfill and they seem to be getting more elaborate as new stores compete for business.  

For city takeaway stores who cater for the office workers it seems that there is  more emphasis on the packaging than the food.  Last week I got some Mexican tacos for dinner from a big chain store.  Below is the packaging for dining in. The takeaway packet is far more elaborate. 

The paper is coated in a grease proof wax, so it’s most likely not biodegradable.   The paper plate is very robust and may be biodegradable.  What a great little seed starter tray.  Thousands of these must be thrown in the bin each day after just a few minutes use. 

I don’t have the benefit of my garden when I’m in the city but I try to eat well.  There is a store that sells pretty decent salads and they serve them up in these plastic containers of varying sizes.  

A few of my work colleagues also buy these salads and I’ve started collecting the containers to recycle at High-Water. I can get 3-4 each day just from my office.   It’s a shame they are plastic but at least I have plenty of uses for them.  This morning I packaged up some cherry tomatoes to take to work for my colleagues. 


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