A sunny Sunday

It looked like rain this morning and the clouds stuck around for most of the morning.  It turned out to be a stunning afternoon and I got some work done in the garden.  

I had a custard Apple tree sitting ready to plant and not being overly familiar with the tree I wanted to do a bit of research prior to deciding it’s new location.  

Isn’t it strange that we eat all these fruits but some of the time we don’t know much about where they come from.  There  is probably a generation of kids who have never seen a fruit tree.

So back to the custard apple.  They can grow to 3-4 metres and prefer full sun and good drainage.  Pretty standard. So I planted it in the other corner of the orchard plot. I’ll eventually plant rows of fruit trees along the south east borders so they won’t shade the ground plants. 

The island isn’t connected to town sewerage so we use septic systems.  If managed properly septic works just fine.  Many people don’t appreciate that they require good bacteria to function properly and efficiently. Just one person taking antibiotics and using the toilet can destroy the system.   

The septic tank isn’t the most attractive item next to the guest cottage so I wanted to plant something around it.  Ideally something fragrant and low maintenance.  Citronella is the perfect solution.  A neighbour gave me a piece about a year ago.  He literally broke a piece off from his garden and said, “stick this in the ground, it’ll keep the mozzies away”.  And so I did.  I didn’t hold out much hope for it since I literally stuck it in the ground.  A year on and I’ve repeated the cycle numerous times.  Whenever there are mosquitos around I pick a handful of leaves, roll them in my hands and wipe it over me.  Goodbye mosquitos.

This is one of the many citronella plants which have been grown from cuttings off the original.

 I made a few holes around the septic tank and prepared to plant some cuttings. 
They won’t get any water for the next week so I’ve put plenty of sugar cane mulch on top. 

As I was digging I came across this spider burrowed in the dirt and sitting on her egg.  After I took some close up photos, I felt kind of sorry for it.  What a miserable life living in a hole in the dirt.  So I covered her back up and wished her well. 


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  1. westsailor says:

    Hi Anh,
    Good to hear from you and glad you are pursuing some planting. The nasturtiums are really easy to grow so they should do well. I think you tried some of the seeds when you were here, they are really peppery. I’m hoping to plant some seedlings for various plants, including nasturtiums, soon so they will be available for visitors to take for free. Keep in touch and take a look at Simone’s latest updates (www.prettyproduce.com.au) as she has started some major planting over here on Lamb Island.
    All the best and thanks for the update.


  2. Anh says:

    Hi Rod,

    It’s Anh, a member from meetup group. Sorry I haven’t had an opportunity to follow up on our last conversation about plants in your garden. From your post, it looks like you are doing very well and getting something sorted out one at a time.

    Last week I visited two garden centers in Kenmore and was quite fascinated by the vast amount of plants they have got there. I took two plants, one is Nasturtium and the other is French lavender and they are doing ok. Have you had bitter melon on your garden? It is easy to grow too but building a trellis is something I am still working on, especially with limited space. 🙂

    By the way, planting Citronella on the island is a brilliant idea to chase the mosquitoes away. I have no idea such a plant exist and it sounds like a super easy plant to grow. Thank you for the information.

    Have a great time and all the best to your project.



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