Pallet peas

I arrived back to the island this afternoon to find that the garden was full steam ahead. It amazes me each week how this perfect little micro climate just seems to perpetually grow.  We’ve had the usual early summer afternoon storms sweeping across the bay providing a good watering every few days.  It doesn’t require any attention from me.

The new garden bed I tilled last weekend was going well but I wanted to plant some peas into it.  I had a few old untreated pallets laying around that I’d collected for some projects and thought they would make an ideal trellis. I put the pallet on an angle behind the row of corn and planted the peas underneath.

The plan is that as the peas grow, I’ll lace them into the pallet.  

The recently tilled soil is incredible.  It’s consistency is fluffy and like a high quality potting mix.  I know I say this a lot, but damn this soil is beautiful!


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