Semi rest day


As I was stringing up some tomatoes in the garden I came across this little guy.  I figured he was going to end up lunching on my vegetables so I relocated him to a garden bed that had some bushy alternatives.

The figs I planted last week are doing well and have even started producing some fruit.  I wasn’t expecting them to fruit this year so it’s a bonus that I’ll have some figs.

After yesterday I was feeling a bit lethargic.   So I decided to stay out of the garden and do some more maintenance on the old Fergie.  I’d recently replaced all the air hoses and given the old girl a lube, but she was in desperate need of a new radiator.

I’d bought a new radiator and thermostat to install a while back and when I took the housing off, this is what I found.  Basically, there was no thermostat.

This is the new thermostat on the right, with the old one on the left.  The tractor is 60 years old and had been badly neglected, so I can’t say I was completely surprised. What’s troubling is that somewhere in the engine there are very likely a few pieces of metal floating around from what used to be a thermostat.

I’ll have to order a new thermostat housing as well since the old one is cracked.  I haven’t even got to the hydraulics yet.  This old tractor is going to be a bit of work.

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  1. Ken says:

    Keep the old housing. Never know when you might need another. A welder should be able to braze it if not cracked too severely. Sometimes those old parts can be rehabbed enough to keep the old girl running. Simple has its benefits. My old Farmall B (1947 build) was kept going with repaired parts that a local old timer fixed. Still going strong with the new owners (I owned 28 acres, with two ponds and a pecan orchard).


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