Growing Opportunities…

With the recent rezoning for the island to “character residential”, I’m excited about the opportunities that are available to the local community to grow our micro economy.  We have a very unique climate being on an island and historically the local produce was the best in the country.  It’s hard to imagine better produce than that which is grown on a small pollution free island in the middle of a world heritage listed marine park and fed by natural sand filtered aquifers.  

Small urban farmers around the world are earning a living producing specialty products for niche markets.  Demand for chemical free, clean produce is increasing as people are demanding to know how and where their food is being produced.  

One of our island locals, Simone of Pretty Produce has already made her mark in the specialty food market growing beautiful unusual and edible flowers on her plot at the S/W end of the island.


Click on the link below to take a look at Simone’s unique business Pretty Produce.

PrettyProduce – Facebook page


Simone has some really unusual flowers growing and stuff that I never imagined existed, let alone was edible.   You will find her produce in some of the best restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne.

Opportunities for small urban farmers aren’t limited to primary produce but can include an endless array of value added products like specialty jams, sauces, pot pouri blends etc.    


It’s apparent that this unique little island is on the way to becoming a hub for specialty organic food products.

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