Summer L(oven)…

Summer is well and truly in full swing with the midday temperature at 31 degrees.  Fortunately the island has a cooling sea breeze which makes working outside tolerable. 

I’ve been stuck working in the city for the past couple of weeks and came back to the island to find the garden in full growing mode.  It always amazes me how quickly plants can grow from seedlings to producing food.  

I always have a constant supply of chillies. 

Exactly 20 days ago I planted some corn, beetroot, lettuce and peas in the freshly tilled garden bed.

The photo below was taken the day I planted.

This is 20 days later.

That’s a yellow zucchini in the photo that I dropped to take the photo.

  The Beetroot is going strong

And lettuce would be perfect for a baby greens salad.

 The peas appear to be happy and they are getting big enough to start attaching to the pallet.

My next job today is to get these ten LillyPilly in the ground around the guest cottage to continue the existing hedge.


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