Another day in the garden.

I got the Lilly Pillys in today along the front of the guest cottage. I’ll get a fence up over Christmas and within a year or so they should match the existing hedges around the property.

I’ve used the same process for planting all around the property.  Weed mat down first, dig the hole, some good organic fertiliser to give the plants a kick start and plenty of water for the first month. 

Working around the garden is great for eating.  I don’t have to stop for lunch, I simply pull off a couple of cucumbers, tomatoes or capsicum and eat as I go. 


As I was working today I noticed a neighbour was cutting down some trees and planning to take the timber to the tip.  I couldn’t stand to see it go to waste so I grabbed a few pieces for myself.


This piece should make a handy outdoor coffee table. I’ll get around to sanding them back someday and make some furniture.


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