It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been back to High-Water. In that time there has been a mini cyclone and lots of rain.  

People are beginning to head over to the islands for the holidays and the barge was loaded with tourists packed for Christmas.

Fortunately the storm didn’t really affect High-Water.  The weather hit the cliffs and popped right over the top.  It did cause some damage elsewhere on the island and the electricity supply was out of action for a few days.

Today, however, the weather was back to its more usual perfect sunny day.

It’s amazing what can happen in 3 weeks.  Lettuce is ready for harvest.

The corn probably has a couple more weeks to go.

And it looks like there will be some melons for the new year.  

The chillies have been dropping off the bush and I have a pile of them which have gone to waste.  I really need to be here more or at least have someone staying here. 

 My experiment using a pallet as a pea trellis worked out well.  As expected the peas are climbing through the planks.   
The passion fruit vines are going crazy and it’s going to be a very productive summer.

And the chokos are also plentiful.

It should be a good Christmas straight out of the garden. 

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