Christmas Eve …

I’m finally back on the island for the holidays and super keen to make some progress on the garden and cottage.  I generally only get a day or two each week to get work done here so it will be a rare treat to have a 2 week block of time to devote solely to the garden.  I spent the morning mowing, weeding and generally tidying up the refuse left by the recent storm.

Then I planted:

another Haas Avocado tree;


a Eureka lemon;


an Emperor Mandarin; and  

a Black Sapote (aka chocolate pudding fruit).  These make delicious deserts and can be used in plenty of recipes to give a chocolate pudding flavour.  I’m told they are great with ice cream and a little rum.  Best of all though they are a beautiful evergreen specimen tree that will look great in the garden.   

I still have another Sapote and a Nashi Pear tree to plant tomorrow.  The tray of seedlings are marigolds that I got for free.  I’ll plant them into the empty garden bed and when they flower the seeds will give me an endless supply of marigolds for the garden.


I’m looking forward to getting some avocados from the trees in a few years.  It’s crazy that an avocado costs $3 in the shops. 

I have a long list of jobs to get done over the next 2 weeks.

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