Holiday harvest …

Merry Christmas.  I am so happy to have this holiday on the island.  It’s a stunning day and the food I planted about a month ago is ready to harvest.  I couldn’t have timed the planting better.

For Christmas lunch I’m just doing a big bunch of roast vegetables.  There is not a single thing being eaten which has not been grown right here. 

The Beetroot is perfect!

This variety of Beetroot has patterns inside. Nature’s art looks amazing.  

I have 3 varieties of pumpkin. This one is going in the oven for lunch.

And chokos which I know not a lot of people like.  I think any vegetable that grows this easily has a place in the garden as a reliable food source. 

I pulled a cob of corn off to taste test it, and it was sweet and juicy. I think it will be even better in another week.

The purple carrots may need some extra time or I need to figure out my growing technique to get them to grow straighter.

So lunch is in the oven baking and it’s time to kick back and relax a little.  I need to figure out how to brew my own mango beer.


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