Magical Marigolds…

I recently saw an article on Marigold flowers and their many health benefits.  I’ve planted them liberally around the garden to prevent bugs eating the vegetables.

Apart from working as a natural insecticide in the garden the article suggested that Marigolds have the following qualities:

Flavonoids – Marigolds are full of flavonoids which can help to prevent disease. 

Anti-Inflammatory – Marigolds also work well for eczema and even allergic reactions. 

Wound Healing – they help to promote regrowth of blood vessels in the skin… thus speeding up the healing process.

Vitamin C – Marigold contain lots of Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, and strokes. 

Oily Skin – Infusing marigold flowers in water is a simple and effective treatment for oily skin… also helps with acne and other skin blemishes. 

Antioxidants – Marigold flower tea has great antioxidants that help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer… and prevent DNA damage. 

Slows Ageing – Marigold flower tea helps get rid of free radicals. 

Macular Degeneration and Cataracts – Because marigold tea is full of antioxidants such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene… it can prevent eye disease and blindness. 

Cancer – Marigold tea is full of great lycopene which is very important for prostate health and for preventing cancer. Studies show that marigold decreases the spread of cancer cells and limits their growth… and works great for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and even certain types of skin cancer, and leukemia. 

Ulcers – Marigold tea also helps to heal away gastric ulcers and other irritations of the GI tract. Plus it also soothes away diarrhea, cramps, colitis, IBS, and other lower bowel problems. Marigolds contain calendic acid which is a powerful healing agent for the GI tract… and soothes away stomachaches and indigestion. 

Arthritis – Because marigold tea is a great anti-inflammatory it also works well for joint pain and arthritis… also marigold oil is great for treating arthritis. 

Detoxing – Marigold tea also helps to detox the body and stimulate the lymph system to carry away toxic agents and get rid of swelling… and detox the liver.

Insect Spray – the flowers and leaves can be boiled down to make a natural spray for garden insects, and some people also use it on horses for biting flies. 

Dandruff – Rinsing your hair in marigold tea will sooth away dandruff. 

Stings – Taking a marigold flower and rubbing it on an insect sting will make the pain and swelling disappear. 

Natural Yellow Colouring – Marigold flowers can be boiled down to make a natural yellow food colouring. 

UTI – Because marigold tea is antibiotic and anti-inflammatory it also works well for bladder infections. 

Bathing – Put marigold infusion into your bath water to sooth away any kind of irritation. 

Eye Wash – In Egypt marigolds have been used an antiseptic eye wash for red sore eyes. 

Cold and Flues – Marigold tea has also been used for treating colds, flues, and even coughs associated with these conditions. 

Tea – Place about 1 tablespoon of flowers into 16 oz of hot water and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Tinctures – Many people take 1 cup of marigold flowers and place them into 750 mls of vodka and let it set for 20 to 25 days. This tincture is also great for those suffering from anemia. 

Spice – Some people used dried marigold flowers instead of saffron in their cooking. 

Edible – The leaves and flowers of the marigold plant can be used in salads. Some also use marigold flowers in cakes, pies, deep fried, in many different kinds of teas… and if you feed them to your chickens it makes their egg yolks a deep yellow colour. 


So who knew they could be so useful!

So today I planted a few rows of marigolds. When they flower I plan to experiment with some of the suggestions above. I’m interested in making some Marigold tea for starters. 


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