More garden beds…

Over the next couple of weeks I will be planting about 200 herbs into rows in the crop garden beds.   I started to prepare the beds today with the little cultivator.


I’m keen to get some more uncommon herbs started.

This is a licorice herb plant.  It has a fantastic licorice taste and could be used for tea.

And Stevia below is a great sugar substitute for recipes or even chewing on a leaf to curb sugar cravings.


Brahmi isn’t so great tasting but is good for memory and mental acuity.

 There are so many amazing herbs available which aren’t commonly used or widely available and I’m hoping to experiment with some of them by making teas and other products.

This morning I made scrambled eggs using basil and Brahmi on  homemade sourdough and organic seeded mustard.  I figured it’s one way to eat Brahmi. 


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