New Years jobs 


The holiday break has given me a chance to remove a big dead Moreton Bay Fig stump which was sitting in front of the guest cottage. It’s been preventing me from completing the fencing in that area. I cut the remainder of the old stump up for firewood and had to get a stump grinder in to take it down below the surface. It’s not an ideal solution as the remainder of the stump is underground but it was too close to the water lines to risk using an excavator.   The wood chips will make good mulch. 


I planted some zinnias today to get a bit of floral action going.  There’s not much point producing more food at the moment until the property is in full swing and there is someone else here to eat it all.

This past few days we’ve had a lot of rain and it’s probably done more harm than good to the garden. 

These melons are coming up everywhere but due to the excessive damp they have developed some fungus. Hopefully the sunshine will cure that.  
The mangoes are developing and should be ready by February.

There are pumpkin randomly popping up around the place.

And I’ve been eating this delicious Beetroot for dinner.  There are about 20 more left in this crop.
Capsicum is doing well in the new garden bed. I think they were getting too hot in the other position. 


 The marigolds I planted last week have started to flower.

Even sweet potato is doing well.

Summer on the island is a pretty special time.  Everything is in full bloom and it’s like living under a techni colour canopy of nature. One of my favourites are the Ponciana trees.


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