Native Lilly Pilly Hedges…


Now that the stump is out I’ve planted some more Lilly Pillys around the border of the guest cottage. I love Lilly Pillys as hedging plants because they are fast growing and drought tolerant. 

This is the view to the water from the front deck of the guest cottage.  Within a year those Lilly Pillys will form a hedge and the garden area will be formed into something more attractive. 

 Below is part of the hedge I planted 2 years ago. It’s now over 2 metres high and each summer produces fruit that can be used for jam.  The fruit tastes very much like a tart Apple. I like eating them straight from the tree.

Along the bottom are Liriope, a type of clumping grass, which act as a natural border.  They work well since they are dense and retain any mulch within the garden beds.


Liriope are like a giant mondo grass.  They don’t spread and are evergreen. In summer they produce these beautiful purple flowers and seed heavily.  I need to harvest the seed this summer and plant as many seedlings as possible.  I probably need at least 500 more plants to use around High-Water as border plants and at $12-$15 per plant in nurseries it makes sense to raise them from seed.


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