The growing cycle…


I’m always amazed at how nature works.  We are surrounded everyday by technological marvels.   We are fascinated and impressed by smart phones, fancy cars, televisions, yet we take the marvels of nature for granted.  

It blows my mind that a single little seed like this…

Will grow just by sticking it in the earth and giving it some water.  Here is my corn just one week on.  
 Then in a few more weeks it turns into this.  

The multiplication factor is incredible. For every single seed planted, hundreds more are produced together with food.

If ever there was an argument supporting a vegetarian diet, surely this is it.  It’s nature at its most efficient. Animals simply can’t reproduce at the same rate, nor are they as efficient or environmentally friendly to grow. 
Flowers would have to be one of the most prolific reproducers.  For every flower there are literally thousands of seeds.  These marigolds are going strong and are also edible.

I’ve been using the leaves in my cooking to add an interesting flavour. They are also highly nutritious. 

Below are the sunflowers making some progress.  These were planted one week ago by sticking a single tiny seed in the ground.  Each flower, when mature will provide hundreds of seeds which can be eaten, used for oil or replanted. 

It’s incredible that a single tiny seed goes from this…
To this…

It seems absurd that our education system focusses on technology and ignores the simple but amazing processes of nature.  Children are being taught how to use computers and are proficient with an iPhone, yet the majority have never planted a seed and watched it grow into food that they can eat. 

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