Weeding & Planting…

After the recent weed infestation I did a lot of manual weeding but also wanted to kill off any seeds sitting on the surface.  Since High-Water is completely organic I don’t use any chemicals but instead use black plastic to kill the weeds. The black plastic has two benefits. It not only blocks out the sunlight completely, but it bakes anything underneath.  It’s surprising how hot it gets under that plastic.  You can see the plastic in the middle of the photo below. 

The black plastic is cheaper than chemicals and can be used many times over.

 I then treat the soil with some organic seaweed fertiliser and I’m ready to plant some seeds. 

These are broccolini seeds I harvested from last years crop.

I placed them in the soil and hopefully in a couple of weeks we will have some new broccolini popping up. 

Everything is doing well.  In a couple more weeks the zinnias should be bursting with flowers and I’ll also have a glut of passion fruit which I can freeze for use over the coming months. 

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