Island of plenty…

It started out as a grey weekend as I headed across to the island this morning.   This is the view from the top deck of the barge.

And looking back to the mainland wasn’t any brighter.

After the 50 minute barge trip, the weather was looking much brighter. When I arrived at High-Water I was greeted by another week of growth.  

The Zinnias were now in full bloom.

The corn is going strong and looking incredibly healthy.  
These sunflowers planted from seed a few weeks ago are growing well.  

The main garden bed has been overrun with pumpkin.  These have self seeded after I buried some kitchen scraps.  If you click on the photo below to enlarge it, you will see how productive this small garden bed is.  At the top are passion fruit and in the centre a chilli bush which produces at least 20 big chillies each week.  I have so many chillies I need to give them away.

Under the canopy of leaves are different varieties of pumpkin going crazy.  All up there are about 15 pumpkin at various stages of growth.

Once they’ve been picked I’ll have to restore the main garden bed back to herbs. But for now I’ll start looking up some pumpkin recipes.


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