The passion of the vine…

I’ve been watching my passion fruit vine flowering over the past couple of months and there is a lot of fruit hanging off it.  However the fruit doesn’t seem to be ripening.

I’d thought I’d cut one open and see how they were developing inside.

To my surprise they are full of ripe, sweet, aromatic pulp.

I had a neighbour drop over and he is a very experienced retired farmer and keen gardener.  He didn’t believe me that the fruit was sweet but when he tried one his response was, “well I’ll be… I’ve never seen that before”.  He then proceeded to “test” another half dozen.

They seem to be exceptionally sweet and I’m guessing that when they fully ripen they will be even more delicious.

In contrast, the produce that our supermarkets sell is pretty disgraceful.  I saw these passion fruit in my local city supermarket last week and people happily buy them believing that is what a passion fruit should look and taste like. Sadly there is a generation of children who will never know the difference.   

A couple of interesting passion fruit facts.

Originally from South America they can grow as much as 20 feet in one year. However, the only survive for 7 years.

The juice, leaves and flowers of the vine contain a mild sedative alkaloid called Harman which can be useful if you are suffering anxiousness or have trouble sleeping.

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