A long weekend…

I haven’t had as much time recently  to spend at High-Water so I’ve kept crops to a minimum.  The seeds I planted a few weeks ago are doing well.

Below is some silverbeet which I’m keen to use in a potato and silverbeet soup over winter.

The rows of Beetroot, broccoli and carrots planted just over a month ago (see the earlier post from 20 March) are coming along well too.  I like that beetroot is so versatile and I recently had breakfast at a cafe in the city which served a great beetroot relish.  I have to get some more Beetroot recipes since I have a lot growing right now.

The Beetroot below were planted as seedling in another section of the garden about 2 weeks before the other rows pictured above.  I think that Planting straight from seed is more efficient as they catch up to seedlings quickly.  

The neighbours visiting chooks were having a feed on my broccoli plants this morning.  When I get some guinea fowl hopefully the chooks will stay away from the plants.  I do like having them around though.

Pumpkin are prolific here.  These are growing unintentionally from some old buried scraps. There are a few different varieties growing around the property.

As more growing is going on at High-Water, there is a need to compost the garden waste. Instead of one big compost heap, I’m trialling having several smaller compost bins located around the garden.  This way they can be filled and left to do their thing.  Then in a couple of months, the composted waste will be exactly where I need it.

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