A wet, short, long weekend…


With a long history of farming, the island is becoming more popular as a hub for organic food production.  High-Water is a small urban farm, but recently one of the old 10 acre properties started prepping for some food production.  This is the top paddock being prepped for planting, which should start within a couple of weeks.  Most of the island has this rich, red volcanic soil which is fantastic for growing just about anything.

To the right is a small plot for a local resident who specialises in growing heliconias.

If you aren’t familiar with heliconias, as I wasn’t, they are an exotic tropical plant with flowers as pictured below.  They are extremely popular in Balinese style gardens and the flowers are used for making stunning arrangements.

Despite it being a long weekend, I had to head back to the mainland for work this evening.  This is the vehicle barge which services the island.  As you can see from the sky, there is still a bit of cloud hanging around.  Hopefully we will get some sunshine this week.

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