Home Grown Economics…


Since I don’t buy my produce from the supermarkets these days, I find it interesting (and often surprising) how expensive fresh produce can be.  I saw these small 25gram packages of herbs recently priced at $2.99.  I don’t know how long they sit on the shelves but they must be at least a few days old by the time they are picked, packaged, transported and shelved.  After all of those costs, the price paid to the grower must be a fraction of the retail price.  The only winner in this scenario is the supermarket since the grower doesn’t get paid much and the end consumer isn’t really getting “fresh” produce.  There is also the hidden environmental cost associated with the process which includes the plastic packaging, the fuel for transporting the produce, the energy used to refrigerate it, the paper and printing for the labels and signage and the list goes on.

The far better alternative is to grow your own or simply buy directly from your local grower.  Below is some coriander I planted about a month ago.  It’s easy to grow and probably costs no more than 20 cents per plant to grow.  It’s also nice to know that it’s free of chemicals and truly fresh.

The same applies to lettuce, which is currently growing beautifully.

And the broccolini below sells for $4.99 for about 6-8 stems.

If more people choose to grow produce at home we could all eat fresh, cheap and chemical free food.   

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