Harvest Day…


I’ve been putting off harvesting some of the crops so today it was time to bite the bullet.  I was keen to get the new cultivator into the garden and plant the main beds out again.

The lettuce has been growing beautifully and the zinnias have been sprouting around the garden amongst the vegetables from the last crop of flowers.  This row of lettuce is ready to go.

I harvested over 50 lettuce this morning.

I took this bunch to the little island shop for the island residents.

These ones below I sent over to the organic market on Macleay Island.  We have a good transport system on the island.  The ferry pulls up to the jetty and takes them to the next island where they are handed to the recipient at the jetty.

The carrots were also ready for eating.  They taste so much better than store bought carrots.  I had about 50 Beetroot also.  One of my neighbours gladly took some for his roast tomorrow tonight.

Now it was time to get the new cultivator working. It does a much better job than the little cultivator and really digs.  I just tilled whatever was left in the garden as green compost.

And after a little while the garden was tilled and ready for replanting.

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