Self sufficiency…

Growing your own food not only saves money but has the potential to provide an income.  I recently visited a small growers’ market and had an opportunity to chat with some of the growers. Most of the stall holders operated small scale farms and also sourced some of their produce from neighbouring farms to supplement their own to take to the market for sale.

Growing food is pretty simple, but growing it to produce an income requires a lot more planning.  Succession planting is important if you want, or need, a continuous and regular supply. 

I was interested in the prices and varieties of produce at the market.  Clearly some produce is more profitable to grow than others.  
I’ve had these chillis growing like weeds at High-Water and they seem to fetch a good price.

I’m interested in growing some garlic.  It’s a bit late to be planting at the moment but fortunately the island’s unique micro climate allows for more generous growing seasons.

Ginger is another crop I’ll be planting.

I’m also keen to get some Tumeric in.  Most commercially sourced Tumeric comes from India.  It’s exceptionally good for preventing arthritis for both humans and dogs.

As an alternative to produce, some of the growers choose to sell potted plants like these herbs.  This could be a good option for areas that don’t have space for garden beds.  The plants can be grown in small pots just about anywhere and sold when they reach a useable size.

Flowers are always popular at markets.

And then there is the value added stuff which takes a bit more effort to produce but is probably a bit more profitable.

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