Planting day…


After tilling the main garden plot last weekend it was time to do some more planting.  I like to use newspaper between the rows as a weed barrier.  Local shops usually have a bundle of left over news papers which they don’t sell and need to dispose of.  The local island shop gladly gives me their leftovers and it works well. 

After I lay it I give it a light spray with the hose to weigh it down and begin the composting process.  Then I cover it with a layer of sugar cane mulch.  This not only hides the newspaper, but it also stops  it from blowing away.

The rows below are carrots, celery, leak and zinnias.  To the right, out of view are tomatoes and silver beet.

Tomatoes do exceptionally well here and there is always an abundance of unintentional seedlings growing where tomatoes have fallen to the ground.  

These are great for replanting and will produce the next lot of tomatoes over the coming months.

After the main garden plot was done it was time for the central raised bed to get some attention.  This area has intentionally been left bare for a month since it had an infestation of grass hoppers.  They have either starved or moved on and hopefully they aren’t coming back any time soon.

Below there are purple carrots, kale, rainbow silver beet, capsicum and broccoli.  Interspersed among the plants are some marigolds to ward off pests.

In one of the other garden areas a yellow variety of tomato are thriving.  They are producing more than I can eat and having been away lately some grubs have decided to take advantage of the glut.  This little caterpillar had drilled into the centre of this tomato.  

Next Sunday the island’s community garden club is meeting at High-Water for a morning of garden talk and plant/produce and seed exchange.  Unfortunately there isn’t much of a garden at the moment since I tilled most of the plots last weekend.  It should be a good morning though and everyone is welcome to attend.

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