Weeds, weeds, weeds…

I’ve been away from the island for the past couple of weeks and while I was away I had an oppportunity to drop into a city based community garden.

I got a few good ideas I’m keen to adopt at High-Water.  This bamboo tomato tower is a nice feature.  

And these pine cones make a great ornamental feature under one of the pergolas.

And of course, Cutty came along for the inspection. 

Meanwhile, I had a friend visiting Vancouver, Canada who took some photos of their famous Nelson Park Community Garden.  It must be a challenge to grow in a place like Vancouver where the summers are short.

They seem to manage though and those Nasturtiums are thriving.

While I was away, the weeds got out of hand and I came back to a weed disaster.  The unique micro climate at High-Water is fantastic for growing, but that also applies to unwanted plants like these weeds.

Having had some good rain and nobody here to keep on top of the weeds, it got out of hand.  The problem with weeds is that if they are allowed to go to seed, it can turn into months of work trying to get back on top of them.  

They were coming up everywhere, not just in the garden beds but on the gravel driveway. 

It wasn’t all bad news though.  All of the seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago have now sprouted and the corn is well on its way.

These climbing beans planted from seed just two weeks ago have sprung to life and will soon be climbing the pergola.

I cleared the pumpkin patch below, which was infested with weeds.  This will now become a zucchini patch.

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