Winter growth…


I’ve been away from the island for the past 3 weeks and in that time the garden has transformed from seedlings to a fully productive food garden.  I’m sure some people consider that the barge trip to the island is a pain but on days like today I always find it a treat.

In the time that I’ve been away there has been no watering of the garden and it has been entirely reliant on natural rainfall. Fortunately there have been a couple of days of rain which, together with the warm winter weather, has sent the garden into overdrive.
The Kale below is growing well.  I’m not a fan of Kale but it’s made a comeback in popularity due to the fashionable food crowd so I thought I’d put some in.  I once had a ridiculous Kale omelette at a hipster cafe which was like trying to eat a broom head.  So now that I have Kale I’m sure someone will want it.

This is the rainbow silver beet I planted a few weeks ago.  This I really like!

And Brocolini, which is always welcome in my garden.

Below is a row of garlic which I simply broke up from a few old cloves and stuck in the ground.  Within a few weeks they just shot up.  There are a couple of varieties here but I can’t recall which ones I planted exactly where.  I will find out soon enough when I dig them up.

The vegetables aren’t the only plants that are booming.  Tomorrow will be spent weeding.  

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