Springtime on the Island…

Spring has well and truly arrived.  The garden has been unattended and neglected for the past 3 weeks but that doesn’t seem to trouble it since the island’s little micro climate looks after everything.  Even the bugs seem to be staying away and the produce in the garden is pure perfection.  Here is some rainbow silverbeet and cabbage.  Behind it are the cherry tomatoes which have grown from scraps.

If you’ve read my earlier posts you’ll know that I’m not fan of Kale.  I grow it simply because other people like it and it seems fashionable.  I now have a tonne of it and despite having some volunteers who are taking some of it, I’ll need to consult the recipe book to deal with the remaining glut.

Food is always plentiful here and meals can be made straight from the garden. This was breakfast.  Poached eggs from the free roaming chooks, basil, brahmi, marigolds and some nasturtium leaves to add some peppery mustard flavour.  The sauce is from a cherry tomatoe base with a splash of Worcestershire.

Back in the garden the first lemon has appeared on the lemonade tree.

And the pineapples are also starting to fruit.  These were planted by simply chopping the tops off pineapples and sticking them in the ground.

The climbing beans are loading up and will be a nice addition to a curry dish next weekend.

I had to get back to the city this afternoon for work but I loaded up some produce to take with me for dinner.

Vegetable soup using the fresh produce from High-Water (and the kale even got used).

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