Kale Pesto…

I may just be a convert on kale.  After consulting some recipes, it was decided that kale pesto was an interesting option.  First step was to strip the leaves from the stems.  The stems can be used later for cooking in stocks or soups.  Some people steam the leaves but I just left them raw.

It’s a bit of a loose recipe, but this is it:

85 grams of walnuts;

3 x cloves of garlic;

85 grams of Parmesan;

75 grams of extra virgin olive oil;

A random squeeze of lemon juice; and 

A bunch of kale.
Stick it in a blender and give it a whizz (just don’t over whizz it like I did this time)

And the finished product, which was a bit over blended, but will make a nice addition to a pasta dish tomorrow night.

And mixed through a pasta it was surprisingly tasty.  I’m actually really impressed with the flavour and it’s a great way to deal with a glut of kale.

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