Fancy Irony…

I recently had a call from Simone of Pretty Produce, one of our island farmers, seeking some Brassica and Purslane from the garden.

Simone supplies her beautiful organically grown edible flowers to the best restaurants in Australia and was recently awarded a gold medal in the highly regarded “Delicious Produce Awards”.  There is currently a glut of produce at High-Water and I was happy to oblige by having her visit and take a load of Brassica.

This is what Brassica flower looks like.

Simone packages her floral produce into containers and sends them across the water to her fancy city chef clientele. Below is an example of one of her packages, filled with Brassica from High-Water.

The produce doesn’t get any more pure than ours.  This batch was raised purely on rain water and without any chemicals or pesticides whatsoever. 

It occurred to me that it’s just a bit ironic that my office in the city overlooks the area of fancy restaurants that serve the produce sourced from the island and High-Water.  If I popped in for a meal at one of these restaurants, I’d be having a 5 star chef prepare me a meal from my garden.


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